The person I’m most thankful for is my older sister Christina. She is the most important person to me in the whole world. She’s quite seriously the only person I can tell my problems to. I know it’s super cliché to say your family, but Christina is the person I hold so close to me. We have the strongest bond ever when ever I need someone to help me when I’ve fallen down she’s always there to pick me right back up.

I also know she feels the same way with me, too. We protect each other from anything that harms us in any way, whether it’s physical or mental. We’re constantly giving each other important advice on situations we can handle on our own. I can’t imagine for a second a world without my sister by my side. There was one time where my sister and my parents got into a huge fight, forcing her to decide to leave the house for a while. I’ve never been away from my sister for such a long time. I was constantly depressed. Every time I called her I would break down in tears on the phone. She’s been back home now. That was a year ago, and now we are closer than ever. I’m so thankful for Christina.

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