Joanna Vera

Joanna Vera, staff reporter

Joanna Vera is just your average teenager, right? WRONG! She's in a class by day, but at night when no one knows where she is shes doing extremely dangerous spy work with the coolest spy center in the world!! Creeping around every corner without you knowing it, she could be creeping around you right now... but don't turn around if she knows she's been discovered she'll knock you out and then erase your memory. She's still got some practice to do with the whole mind erase thing though, she's erased more than just the memory of you seeing her. Legend has it shes erased the memory of a man's whole life! But don't worry he's doing alright, he's now a billionaire sooooo... I'd say she did an ok job and definitely shouldn't have been fired from hER JOB!!!...  Sorry got out of hand there, oh I got to go I've just been discovered gotta erase someone's memory(ies).       @[email protected]

if you would like to reach this amazing girl: @[email protected]

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Joanna Vera