My wonderful mom and I


During this season of thanks I am most grateful for my family, or at least the family I have left. It has been a tough year in my household and last Thanksgiving during this time of year our family would be getting ready for the holiday season, decking the halls, together. This year things are a little different. We are still together, but now I’m part of a new family at a new home with my mom, brother, grandma, grandpa, and my best friend Cooper (my dog). We’ve been living at my Grandparents house since early this year and I’m most grateful to them for taking us in. A rowdy family like ours certainly isn’t easy to take care of but we make it work since we love each other. I’m grateful for all the little things my family does to make life easier for my brother and I. Paying for gas to go to school (a half an hour drive), buying my favorite foods for lunch (potatoes), and doing small chores around the house most kids wouldn’t appreciate. If it wasn’t for my mom’s hard work and my grandparents’ kindness, my family would be out on the cold street this season, but thanks to them I can have a comfortable holiday this Thanksgiving.

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