The rhyimng poet poses by the roses.

Emily Gately, Staff Reporter

Whose page is this I think I know.

  Her profile is on the Clarion though;

  You will see me posting here

  To watch the Clarion fill up with articles.


Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?

  Clarion art professional and new:

  Rough winds do shake the newspaper leaves,

  And the school year hath all too short a date.


  But what of I you ask whomst profile this is.

  I weave words and tell tales to inform the masses,

  But without bias; a triumph indeed,

  To master this is my creed.


  To contact this rhyming journalist poet,

  Follow this email link [email protected]

  And follow my ink on the Clarion page.

All content by Emily Gately
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Emily Gately