Day #7: Monday, March 23, 2020

One small step for man, one GIANT leap for me

March 24, 2020


My mom crocheted a hat for my dog on Monday! Photo taken by Azucena Gama.

I will be real, I absolutely hate being quarantined. From someone who spends over 10 hours working a week, over 35 hours a week at school, and then a good amount of hours of fun outside, this has been a nightmare. 

The first few days were okay, I caught up on some Netflix and my sleep. I spent a lot of time with my family in the living room. Like a lot of time. E-learning was the highlight of my week. To be honest, I did it for real. But once I was done for the day I felt empty. 

I woke up with the intention to sign in to my classes, but then I remembered, it’s Spring Break. This was our actual, “Break.” And so that means that this is my actual break too. I felt pretty down about no classes this week so I decided I had to go out. 

I told my mom, “I’m going to go outside today.” And she said, “Okay, wear a jacket.” 

I go to my room to get my jacket and then I see my laptop on my bed. I lay down. That’s where I first went wrong. I open my laptop to check the weather, because it’s March, do I really need a jacket? 

I check and it turns out I do, but then I see my Hulu tab peeping through, ah, “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dines.” I decide the sun is still up, there’s time for me to watch. I watch two episodes, and wow I am hungry! 

I go down and my mom says, “I thought you left!”

I make myself a sandwich and go back. Okay, don’t lay down. For the love of everything, Azu, do not look at your bed. I sit at my desk. Oh no! My phone is on the bed. I must go retrieve it. Ah well, I will lay down, I deserve to eat my sandwich on my bed, when’s the last time I got to do that? 

Mind you my jacket is still on the ground. 

Then, I start googling. Just nonsense googling of all kinds. The kind that takes you to Buzzfeed Quizzes and Pinterest Memes. 

I get up. I get a La Croix. I have to go.

I put my shoes on, there’s no going back now. And after four hours of procrastination, I am proud to say, I left. I didn’t really have a destination so I walked as one normally would, towards school. 

It’s a nice walk even with no intention of actually going to school. I noticed there were a lot of people outside, like who knew so many families lived in Riverside? Get a grip, you guys. 

I do a loop around while blasting some LCD Soundsystem through my earbuds. Then I start to see people I recognize. Okay that’s enough for today I think to myself, and I head home. 

When I get home I take a shower and resume back to my horizontal position. 

If I am going to learn one thing during this time off, it’s going to be how to get things done on time, because wow I am really bad at that. 

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