Day #55: Sunday, May 10, 2020

May 11, 2020


Betti Ibarra (Azu's aunt)

My grandma’s balcony on Mother’s day.

I want to start this off by saying Happy Mother’s Day to all the awesome moms out there! Today is Mother’s Day and honestly if it weren’t for my mom, I would not be able to survive quarantine; she’s become my closest friend, literally. 

Anyways, I am actually back at work for the weekends; I work at a cafe and we finally opened for online pick-up. I really like working and I used to work a lot, so it is a nice taste of my old life. Because it is Mother’s Day we’re a bit more busy than we would be, but I love it, anything to keep my brain functioning. 

I got off of work at around 11 a.m. and walked home. I usually enjoy the walk, but today it was cold, rainy, and I had my hands full of drinks and baked goods for my family. I got home and we quickly ate brunch before going to my grandma’s. We didn’t actually go inside, my family met up outside. It was really nice to see everybody, but it also made me really sad that this was one of the only ways we could spend time together. I’m used to always having relatives over, so this is weird. 

We hung out in her parking lot for a little bit and talked to her while she was on the balcony. She had a bucket and rope attached to the railing so we could send up food and flowers. I have a cousin who is a nurse at Advocate Christ Medical Center, one of the most hard-hit hospitals in Chicago, and she talked to us about what it is like on the frontlines. Spoiler alert: Not freaking good. 

After my grandma’s we went to the grocery store for our weekly splurge to get the food that we needed (or wanted.) I’ve gotten used to seeing everybody wearing masks and social distancing, so it’s a bit unphasing by now. We shop at a small Mexican grocery store, so you know we stocked up on the good things: chicharrones, galletas principes, Yakult, pan de elote and Abuelitas cocoa. 

They temporarily closed El Milagro tortilla factory, so there is currently a real life corn tortilla shortage in the hispanic community. We had to buy some weird brand tortillas (they were bad) because there is no way in heck that we will ever eat flour tortillas. 

After our long early-afternoon out, we came home and FaceTimed my other grandma for a bit. She doesn’t like being stuck at home so we do everything possible to keep her in good spirits. My brother and I made dinner for everyone, and it turned out okay, our stomachs are still intact.

That’s where I’ll finish off this rather-exciting day, now I am just going to watch The Great British Baking Show until I develop a British accent. Stay healthy!

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