Best shows and movies to watch while in quarantine


Illustration by William Kraft

Drawing features characters from “Bebop Cowboy”, “Parasite”, “Seinfield”, and “The Iron Giant”.

Eric Rangel, Staff Reporter

With quarantine continuing for many days, one problem stands out amongst younger teens and adults the most: what is there to do inside to entertain ourselves? The easiest things to find entertainment in are shows and movies. Whether it’s catching up on older titles or checking out brand new ones, here’s a couple of my personal favorites for others to check out.

For someone looking to find laughter in their quarantine, “Seinfeld” is as classic a sitcom as one can get. Jerry, George, Elaine, and Krammer go on with their lives doing the most random and mundane things you can imagine. This leads them all to odd situations like dropping a Junior Mint into someone’s body during a surgery or waiting for a seat at a Chinese restaurant all day. If you miss the day to day nonsense that existed before quarantine, there’s no better place to turn.

For someone looking for something to get invested in, “Cowboy Bebop” follows a ragtag group of intergalactic space bounty hunters as they chase their bounties and try to make ends meet the best they can. The anime has a monster of the week set up with a different bounty and goal for each episode. The characters are all tragic and feel real and the show manages to balance a perfect equilibrium with fun action with killer storytelling and character development, not to mention the jazzy big band soundtrack that makes the fights so thrilling. Watch as Spike, the protagonist, learns to work along with his newfound family. 

For people looking for a jaw-dropping movie, “Parasite” follows the poverty-stricken Kim family and the wealthy Park family. After forming a good relationship with each other that benefits both of them, things start to change with their relationship. I’m trying to say as little as possible about the movie because watching it for the first time is a one of a kind experience and it’s still relatively fresh in the minds of many. It’s a brilliant story about classism and greed that I recommend to every movie watcher.

For a fun, emotional classic, “The Iron Giant” is set in a Cold War-era USA following a young boy, Hogarth meeting an unlikely friend, a Giant robot that falls out the sky from space. The two grow close until a U.S. government agent catches wind of the Giant and will stop at no ends to see him eliminated. It’s a tender movie that’s great for people of all ages and is one of the last really great western animated movies. 

As we stay inside more and more, it only gives us excuses to find new ways to enjoy ourselves. Whether or not you find that enjoyment through games, movies, shows, or anything else, there is always something new to learn about and fall in love with when it comes to entertainment.