Class of 2020 Prom alternatives


Image by Azucena Gama

Modear Bumrungkwaen, Staff Reporter

2020 has to be the toughest year any senior could ever have. No senior sports, non-traditional graduation, no senior picnic, no college visits, and most importantly, senior prom. Before leaving for college, you expected to hang out with your friends as much as possible before moving to another state or country. However, the plan did not go how it should. Senior prom is arguably one of the most important memorable high school experiences.

From day one of high school, every high school student looks forward to experiencing prom. At RB, prom is only offered to juniors and seniors, but students can choose to bring an underclassman as guests. Many of RB’s Class of 2020 went to prom as a junior but most students waited to have their senior prom. RB administrations have cancelled 2020 prom until further notice with no possible date available as of currently.

“I would definitely [like RB to still host prom this year], however, safety-wise… I don’t think it’s a good idea. It sucks because I couldn’t attend prom last year so I will never be able to experience it. I can’t think of anything that would replace it,” senior Keegan Brown said. 

Some seniors had already prepared their prom outfits earlier for senior prom. 

“I brought a gorgeous long shoulderless black dress with silver heels and a matching necklace and earrings that I won’t be able to wear anymore now that prom had been canceled. And even if we did have a new location, my prom date wouldn’t be able to go with me due to his military deployment,” senior Jocelyn Calderon said. 

“[My family and I] threw a small party in celebration of prom. I would still want an actual prom this year but when there’s time available and big groups of people are allowed again,” Calderon said.

Although the traditional prom did not work out, the Class of 2020 is not giving up on prom easily.

“I hope that I can get back with all of my friends and celebrate our senior year at some point in the near future. I’ve been thinking of hosting a prom or just a get together in my backyard when the time comes and it’s safer to gather in groups,” senior Alexis Vasiliadis.

Senior Aidan Regan and his friends are also planning a make-shift prom to hang out, dress up and dance before they go on their separate paths.

“Hopefully RB has a prom when the quarantine is over and it’s like a reunion type thing,” Regan said. 

“[But] I’d rather have an in-person graduation first rather than prom,” Regan said.