“What I wish I knew in high school”


Photo by Shalah Russell

A collage of the seniors quoted in the article.

Ashley Whigam, Staff Reporter

“I think for me the biggest thing would be broadening my circle of friends. It’s easy to get comfortable with just hanging out with the people you already know. When you make an effort to get to know people that you usually wouldn’t, you’d be surprised [at] how many interesting people there are. I began to learn that in my senior year and I wish I knew that as a freshman,” Daniel Hillyer said. 

Photo courtesy of Daniel Hillyer.

“I wish I knew it was okay to be wrong sometimes. I feel like I had to save face so much that I couldn’t accept what being wrong, in any capacity, would do to my image,” Beckett Nolan said. 

Photo courtesy of Beckett Nolan.

“I wish I knew that I should get involved more. I was only in 2 clubs, and I wish I participated in more. I wish I pushed myself to try new clubs because I joined ski and snowboard my senior year and it was so much fun and I feel like I could’ve had similar experiences with other clubs if I just made the effort to try it,” Gianna Calderon said.  

Photo courtesy of Gianna Calderon.

“It goes by much faster than you’d think it does! Do as much as you can and cherish it,” Alyssa Sarro said.

Photo courtesy of Alyssa Sarro.

“I’d say for me the main thing I wish I knew going into high school would have been to step outside of your comfort zone because it can really open your views and you can meet new people you otherwise wouldn’t,” Delaney Grossart said. 

Photo courtesy of Delaney Grossart.

“I’d say I wish I listened more when people told me how fast high school flew by. It really does go by so fast and before you know it, you’re leaving all of your favorite people and everything you’ve known your whole life. It’s hard to get up every day and have the motivation to make every day good, but push yourself to meet and get to know as many people as possible. You never know who you’re going to meet and how they are going to impact your life. Don’t be scared to go out of your friend group or grade level even because you never know who you’re going to meet. Also just to go to everything, every dance and every game and have fun because before you know it it’s all gone and you’ll find yourself going to your last game and your last dance. Also, none of us knew we wouldn’t have prom this year. I’m thankful I decided to go last year because I know people who didn’t go last year thinking they’d be okay with just going to a senior prom that we now don’t have. And just be true to yourself. You realize at the end of your four years that when you’re truly yourself and stop worrying about what people think abt you, you see who your true friends are, and having those real friends makes all the difference,” Briyana Gil said. 

Photo courtesy of Briyana Gil.

“Looking back at my high school years I wish that I would’ve gotten involved in more school clubs/activities and gone to more sports games because you really miss those things when they’re over. I regret not doing them more because I missed out on possibly making some more great memories to cherish from high school,” Hannah Lombardi said.

Photo courtesy of Hannah Lombardi.

“Just that life goes by really fast so I wish I got to enjoy more and do more in high school especially since it got taken away faster than I expected,” Charms Soto said. 

Photo courtesy of Charms Soto.

“I wish I knew what I wanted to major in college earlier and what classes I would be taking. For example, I have to take chem[istry] in college so I wish I would have taken it my senior year to get the college credit. Also, I wish I would have not taken certain classes and more related to my major (mechanical engineering) and taken more CAD classes with [Mr.] Weishaar. Just find an idea of what you want to do early on and talk to your counselor a lot about which classes you need to take. I also wished I would have taken economics and fine arts freshmen year and gotten it out of the way instead of having to take it later on in high school. Also, I wish I would have been more involved in certain clubs and tried more stuff out and also sports,” Max Brand said. 

Photo courtesy of Max Brand.

“I wish I knew that you’re not as old as you think you are. Really think about the decisions you’re making before you make them,” Amber O’brien said.

Photo courtesy of Amber O’brien.

“I think if I could go back and tell my freshman year self something, it would be that everything will be alright. So many times throughout high school I worried that I wouldn’t get all my homework done or my presentation would be a disaster or I would say the wrong thing to somebody, or something like that. But it turns out that everything was just fine. Even in the midst of this pandemic, it’s important to remember that everything will work itself out the way it’s supposed to,” Olivia Meyer said. 

Photo courtesy of Olivia Meyer.

“Something that I wish I knew in high school was that every action has a positive and negative consequence.  Something I wish I did differently was to join clubs and be more involved in school other than sports and to apply myself more earlier on in my high school career,” Brandon Aguilar said. 

Photo courtesy of Brandon Aguilar.

“If I could change something about my high school experience I wish I knew of more clubs and I wish I got involved in more clubs,” Eddie Pena said.


Photo courtesy of Eddie Pena.

“There is a lot that I wish I knew in high school, but I wouldn’t change anything about my path because it’s led me to where I am today. The main thing I wish I didn’t do was overthink things and I wish that I wasn’t so self-conscious about myself. If I could go back, I wouldn’t stress about my self-image with my body and things that were completely out of my control. I have learned to trust the process and I’ve gotten a lot better at loving myself. All of my experiences, both good and bad, have brought me to this point in my life and I’m very grateful for that,” Audrey Connelly said.

Photo courtesy of Audrey Connelly.

“Why don’t I put all of my inspiration, and constant growing inspiration, into motion over these years of high school? I’ve always focused so much on school and my grades (well my own way of focusing, which isn’t too good). But The creativity is moving more now, it’s running now. It’s sprinting, and it will until I reach the finish line. I just need to manage how and when to slow down. Because my inspiration isn’t the only thing now moving fast it’s more of just my mind that’s racing,” Mia Hilligoss said.

“So I deeply regret not doing theatre and speech all four years. I was too scared freshman year to audition for the play and musical. I later met a group of talented friends who introduced me to their wonderful theatre family. I didn’t know Speech was a thing until sophomore year. I just loved the experience and the friends I made,” Teresa Godinez said. 

Photo courtesy of Teresa Godinez.

“Freshman through junior year I wish knew about different classes RB had to offer, but I’m glad I tried Draft CAD and Anatomy my senior year,” Bella Gilhooley said.

Photo courtesy of Bella Gilhooley.