Ana Nava


Ana Nava, Staff Reporter

One thing I am thankful for this Thanksgiving holiday is being able to be part of Riverside Brookfield High School. Many in life are not given the opportunity to do more than what is beyond their front steps. Many don’t have the unlimited opportunities that we have here. So to be able to be part of social groups, clubs, and sports made a huge difference in my life. Being part of the school changed who I am as a person and helped me grow. Another thing I am grateful for is being part of the community. For me, even when moving here years ago, this community was able to let me flourish in what I choose to do. I had these chances to pursue whatever I wanted in the past. Now, I do what I do and put in 110% of myself. And I don’t regret any part of it. So thank you, to RB and our community.