Olivia Lopez


Olivia Lopez, Staff Reporter

This year, I am thankful for many things, one being my therapist. She really has been through it all with me, and I am very grateful for her patience. She overall has great energy and is so fun to talk to. She also is very supportive of my Clarion career, so kudos to her for that! I am also thankful for Barnes and Noble for being there when a new vinyl comes out or when there’s a book that catches my eye. Bath and Body Works always comes in clutch with the great scents and comfort, especially during fall and winter. Although both Barnes and Noble and Bath and Bodyworks make me broke, there still is no feeling like waiting for those packages in the mail.  Finally, one of the most basic things to be grateful for, my best friend. Through the pandemic, that one awkward seventh grade phase, and even now, my best friend has stuck with me through those. I will always be so grateful for her and her patience.