Negative points can mean positive spirit

Behind the Spirit Bone competition

Andrew Pilewski

Robby Filec, Story Editor

The Homecoming Spirit Bone Contest has been a long standing tradition at RB, but many are unaware of how points are earned. 

Every student who dresses up for Spirit Week makes an impact in the contest. Students are tallied in their second hour class and the points are counted up. This year, dress up days included Pajama Day, Tie Dye Day, Western Day, Disney Day, and Crazy Blue and White Day.

During lunch time, there are two ways Spirit Points can be earned for each class. The first way is through Penny Pinch. In Penny Pinch, students can put pennies and dollars in their class jar to add points, and silver to take away points. The second way is the games sponsored by SA at the lunch. The games are worth certain amount of points and include games like Pin the Hat on the Bulldog and a contest where you need to eat through whipped cream, find a piece of bubble gum with your mouth, and then blow a bubble.  Students from each class participate to win points for their class.  While the Penny Pinch can result in negative points for grade levels if enough silver coins are added, all of the money donated goes to a charitable donation.  Even big negative numbers can mean that students are showing a great deal of school spirit.

The last way to earn points is at the Pep Rally. Each grade level cheers, and Principal Kristin Smetana and Assistant Principal John Passarella judge how loud they cheer. Whoever cheers the loudest wins.

After the final competition at the Pep Rally, points are tallied and SA awards the Spirit Bone to the new winner.

Want to see who is currently in the lead for the Spirit Bone?