Jason Flam

Jason Flam

Bio: He originates from the burbs of Chicago, coming from the rough and tumble neighborhoods of Berwyn to the friendly streets of Riverside back in 2001. While small in stature (5’10”, 160 lbs.), he is a force to be reckoned with on the Clarion staff. He became the web editor for the online edition of the paper this year, and is enjoying every second of it.

Likes: White Sox, Sports, Dubstep, Rap and Rock Music, Mexican food, Kublus, TV, Derrick Rose, Michael Jordan, Frank Thomas

Dislikes: Cubs, Notre Dame, Sour cream, Bad drivers, Chick flicks, Country music


What are five things you would bring with you to a fantasy island?

TV, Speedo, Tin Foil, Muffler, Giant Tiki Man

Sox or Cubs?

Whichever team hasn’t been losers for 100+ years

What would you do if Mr. Mancoff suddenly disappeared?

Eat a cuban sandwich

Who would win in a boxing match:  Charie Morrissey or Nate Hanley?

Nate the Great

If you could pick one superpower to own, what would it be and why?

Invisibility, don’t ask why.