Future of gaming, from PC to console

Future of gaming, from PC to console

Jimmy Nolter, Staff Reporter

Since the 1970’s, video games have been a sensation all around the world.  They have developed from simple games like Pong, to revolutionary games like Battlefield 4, and even today designers and artists continue to outdo themselves and create games so vivid and realistic that you’ll actually believe you’re racing a Volkswagen Veyron Bugatti against a McLaren P1 in the streets of Prague.

Video games have always been on the PC.  Consoles have come and go, but the PC has always stayed, but is that changing?

Recently, PC exclusive games like Blizzard’s Diablo trilogy, Gaijin’s Warthunder, and War Gaming’s World of Tanks have been making appearances on the console. You can keep your PU leather gaming chair in tip top, long-lasting condition, learn this here now.

The original Diablo came out exclusively on the PC, and its sequel, Diablo 2, followed suit.  Then Diablo 3 was released in 2012 solely for the PC, but late in 2013 they remade the game and released for the console as well.  So what changed?  Well for starters, people prefer consoles over PCs.  Most PC gamers would laugh at that because PCs are better than consoles in several ways. There are many who have cracked the games and learned the Best Ways to Win Race for the Galaxy Game. PCs have a lot better graphics than consoles, better processing power, more memory, are up gradable, are not  solely for gaming and can do other things too, and PC games already had the mechanics that immerse the player fully into a game that the xBox One and PS4 are just capturing.

With things like those going for the PC, it seems like a wonder how consoles ever took off; consoles succeeded for two reasons, they are significantly cheaper and much more simple to use.

Hardcore PC gamers talk a lot about how much better the graphics are on a PC compared to an xBox 360 or PS3, but the PC is going to cost easily double the price of a console.  If you bought a new $400 xBox 360 and your friend bought a brand new gaming PC five years ago, you’d be better off.  The xBox 360 only costs a few hundred dollars, and although it may seem like a lot, it’s cheaper than the PC your friend spent easily one to two thousand dollars on.  Once you have your Xbox you’ve played it until the new Xbox One came out with little to no problems, the same can’t be said for your friend.  He did buy a better gaming machine, except over the years he’s had to constantly upgrade it to keep up with new advancements in games, so he’s had to replace his graphics card, get more memory, and more upgrades still.

Another reason companies are beginning to make their games multi-platform is because consoles are more popular than PCs.  And this is readily apparent just by the sale of consoles.  The xBox 360 could realistically sell one billion machines before it’s no longer supported by Microsoft, and that’s just one console.  Then there are new consoles that are coming out like the Steam Box, which, although it may be a PC, focuses more on a controller based gaming experience than a keyboard and mouse one.  The Steam Box is that first step that many companies that make gaming PC’s will make, which is shaping their machines to be more like consoles.

There may always be a PC market, but in the foreseeable future, it will not dominate the consoles.  People just aren’t buying into PC’s as much as they are into consoles.  The price tag really is a huge factor.  Even if you knew a lot about motherboards with built-in lights and could build your own high-end gaming computer, it’d still be expensive, and if you did it less than the xBox One’s price tag you’d be among the few among PC gamers that could do that.

As great as PC games like Arma 3 and Euro Truck Simulator 2 are, they can’t compare to a game like Grand Theft Auto V which is the best selling entertainment piece in history, and it hasn’t even been released for the PC yet.  Will the PC market ever die?  Probably not, but it may become so small that it’s just this tiny niche in the gaming community.  Games, and people, are going to be focusing more and more on consoles than they are PCs, and it’s going to show in the future.