Jimmy Nolter
Jimmy is currently a Senior at RB, and participates only in Clarion.  Jimmy played football Freshmen and Sophomore year, but decided to run cross country last year.  He used to wrestle for RB.  There aren't too many activities or clubs here at RB that draw Jimmy's attention.  Mostly he bides his time studying and doing homework for all of his AP classes.

Jimmy does other things than sports though, he plays sumptuous games such as Metro: Last Light, Deadpool, Halo: Reach, and other well known and not so well known games.  Aside from playing video games Jimmy also enjoys anime such as Angel Beats, Desert Punk, Tri-gun, and Gun Grave to pass the time.  Other than enjoying the virtual world Jimmy does embrace reality with his friends by pranking each other.

Jimmy Nolter can be reached at [email protected]

Jimmy Nolter, Staff Reporter

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Jimmy Nolter