The Interview delivers controversial comedy

Courtesy of Sony Pictures

Danilo Lezza, Staff Reporter

This classic Seth Rogan action-comedy is just what I hoped it would be.  James Franco stars as David Skylark, talk show host, and Rogan is Aaron Rappaport, his manager and producer.  The two create a late night talk show called Skylark Tonight.  When they find out that North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un is a big fan of the show, they asked to interview him.  At this point in the film, the CIA recruits the pair to help assassinate the dictator.

When The Interview was released, the North Korean government reacted by having computer science professionals hack into Sony to release embarrassing e-mails and unfinished movie projects.  Sony then said that they were going to cancel the movie’s premiere because they did not want to suffer another attack.  Ultimately, after a great deal of pressure and media attention, Sony executives decided on a limited movie release.

If you have seen Pineapple Express, you already know how Franco and Rogan can keep an audience laughing throughout an entire movie.  Like most Rogan movies, The Interview is not family friendly.  While it has some illegal drug use and inappropriate jokes from beginning to end, this “R” rated movie is enjoyable for any mature audience.

Beyond the funny character interactions, the movie also used great special effects to create the explosive escape from North Korea.

Overall, there was never a dull moment in The Interview and it was definitely worth watching.