Pokemon of the Week #22: Joltik

Zackary Schejbal, Staff Reporter/Pokemon Expert

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Welcome back fellow Pokemon trainers! This is Pokemon of the Week!

As you may know, Pokemon of the Week’s main goal is to inform you fellow Pokemon trainers about what you may encounter in your travels. This week’s Pokemon is Joltik, the Attaching Pokemon.

It’s national pokedex number is #595. And as a bug and electric type Pokemon, it is a cute little bugger to have for beauty contests, but not really a brawler.

Pokedex entries state that “since it can’t generate its own electricity, it sticks onto large-bodied Pokemon and absorbs static electricity.” The Pokemon evolves at level 36 to Galvantula.

To be honest, Joltik is not a fighter but a very cute Pokemon to have in your party. I just recently caught a Joltik and named it Jolty because he is an incredibly cute sucker.

Well, that’s it for this week of Pokemon of the Week!

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Pokemon of the Week #22: Joltik