Zombie fever hits RB

Seniors Matt Landess, Ryan Chodora, and Dave Maslowski have started the long grueling process of starting a club at Riverside Brookfield High School. Their club is called the zombie club; it consists of watching zombie movies and reading zombie books and occasionally playing zombie video games. This club is anything but a joke and if you join, you should expect to have some serious conversations about survival during a zombie apocalypse.

Starting a club is not an easy task. To start a club you must first have an original idea. Landess had the idea of starting a club where students would be able to come together and discuss their ideas about survival during a zombie apocalypse. He had taken his idea to Chodora and the ball started rolling. Maslowski jumped on board and they started working on their presentation.

Once they had developed their power point presentation they needed to find a sponsor to support their club. You need a sponsor to supervise your club and also to use their classroom. In their case they found two co-sponsors, Applied Arts department chair Patty Sarkady and English teacher John Izaguirre.

After a sponsor is on board (in this case two sponsors) he or she must talk to assistant principal John Passaralla about the club and provide reasons as to why it should be approved. The zombie club has yet to undergo this crucial step and will do so shortly.

Hopefully the zombie club will be approved and the zombie fans of Riverside Brookfield can rejoice and enjoy their favorite zombie books, movies and video games together. So remember: if you’ve got zombie fever, zombie club just might be the cure you’ve been looking for.