Monster or Savior? Let Kosovo decide.

November 9, 2009

On November 1, 2009, former President of the United States Bill Clinton was awarded a statue in his honor in Kosovo.  Thousands of cheering Albanians showed up for the event. The eleven foot statue of Clinton travelled down Clinton...

Zombie fever hits RB

Ryan Chodora, staff reporter

October 19, 2009

Seniors Matt Landess, Ryan Chodora, and Dave Maslowski have started the long grueling process of starting a club at Riverside Brookfield High School. Their club is called the zombie club; it consists of watching zombie movies...

Left 4 Dead has not been left for dead

Ryan Chodora, Staff Reporter

October 9, 2009

As Halloween approaches, so do the inevitable swarm of flesh hungry zombies. Just in time for the scary season, Valve Software’s mega-hit Left 4 Dead has released new content for the Xbox 360 and PC. Left 4 Dead is all about Co-Op, wh...

The Halls are alive with the sound of music

Ryan Chodora

October 2, 2009

As students clamber out of their 55 minute lectures, they have to endure various types of music for four minutes every passing period. Due to the inflow of student and teacher requests, new music will now be played. Secretary...

Free of Bull, Full of Bulldogs
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