Q&A: Assistant Principal Kristin Smetana

Q&A:  Assistant Principal Kristin Smetana

Kristin Smetana was one of the three candidates called back for second interviews. The other two candidates were internal candidates already teaching at RB.

Nick Schliep, Staff Reporter

Former Hinsdale Math Department Chair Kristin Smetana will be taking over as the new Assistant Principal of Curriculum and Instructions, replacing current AP Tim Scanlon, who is retiring at the end of this school year. 

In a press release, Principal Pam Bylsma said, “Kristen is well prepared for this role with a Master’s in Curriculum and Instruction from National Louis University.”  Smetana even writes math questions for the state math certification test. Hopefully with all this knowledge and experience backing her, she will find success in her new role at RB.

Clarion had a chance to sit down and ask her a few questions about what exactly she wants to get done  at RB, and why she’s excited to be here.

 Q: What’s your education?

A: “I went to the University of Illinois, and I have a major in mathematics and a minor in secondary education in Spanish, and a certificate in advanced study”

 Q:Did you want to be something else before becoming a teacher?

A: “No, my mother was a teacher and would always take me along when she could, so it’s been my passion for a while.”

“I did toy with what age group I wanted to work with but ultimately decided on high school.”

Q: What do you plan to accomplish here at RBHS?

A: “My first goal into coming to RB is to really find out what makes RB so special. I know already of some of the projects, activities and the extra-curricular activities here.”

“In doing that I’ll be able to meet the faculty and more importantly get to meet the students.  I’ve heard so many wonderful things about the students here, whether it be kids who challenge themselves with AP classes or with extra-curricular activities.”

Q: What do you think makes RB special?

A: “What’s really unique to RB and what drew me to it is how well you stick to your mission statement.  You put it everywhere and are so proud of it and you really do live it. Your partnership with the zoo and all the social learning activites and the way the teachers help the children to learn in their passions is just so special.”