Fashion trends making a return

Gabby Gilhooley, Staff Reporter

Fashion has come a long way from flapper dresses to top hats to now- plaid shirts with ripped jeans and combat boots.  Fashion trends throughout the years have been used styles from previous decades and it has been repeated. Styles are recycled including in the 70’s, 60’s, and 50’s.

Today we are bringing back many 90’s trends.The 90’s were a great time for music videos, pop culture and of course fashion! Today many looks from the 90’s are coming back including floral print, overalls, high waist jeans, crop tops, chokers and many more trends.

“Timberland boots, Doc Martens and big glasses I see coming back in style,” English teacher Ms. Lee said.

English teacher Grace Lee was a teen in the 90’s and sees a lot of looks coming back.

“I wore ripped jeans, combat boots, hoop earrings, and track jackets.” Lee said.

“Tank top layered over t-shirts, like in the movie Clueless, which was made in the 90’s,” said Junior Jeanene Splitt in stating fashion trends she sees returning.

Even though many popular 90’s trends are  coming back, the styles are still different.

“There is definitely some recycled looks. But there are differences, like hairstyles”  said Lee.

In the 90’s many hairstyles were crimped and with large scrunchies.

“I really like chokers because they are very diverse and go with a simple outfit” said Splitt.

She also stays up with the latest trends like fishnet leggings under ripped jeans or sweatshirts under bomber jackets.

“Classics will return… And the cycle of fashion will be like the circle of life” Ms. Lee explains.

In the future for fashion, styles from previous eras will make a return. For now, 90’s are in but maybe 15 years from now, 90’s fashion will make a comeback once again.Courtesy of Nina Splitt