Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Isabel Hughes & Alexia Kingzette, Staff Reporter & Story Editor

Valentine’s Day. A day hated by most and loved by some. A day to show your favorites just how much you care. But showing how much you care can be difficult, and expensive. Here is a simple gift guide to help you along those rough patches, you don’t want to become one to hate this Hallmark Holiday.

For Her

  1. The classic package

Been dating a few months? Keep it simple. Flowers, candy, teddy bear. This isn’t the time to experiment. Don’t risk putting too many feelings or finances into the gift. It’s only been a few months.

  1. Low budget

Need something that expresses all your affection under $10? Skip the expensive roses and completely over priced card and stick to candy. If candy is even over your budget, then how about grabbing a fro-yo and taking a romantic walk along the DesPlaines River?

For Him

  1. The swag bag

They always say that the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Give him some food that he can share with you and it is a win-win! If you have been together for a long time and you know that he has been longing for that one new flame mixtape, get it for him – he will love you forever.  

For Your One True Love

Do not overlook the most important being in your life. Whether they are furry, feathered, or finned, you must demonstrate your love to your therapy pet on this special day.

  1. Love is a four legged word

Any dog thinks that they are the sole purpose for their owner’s living – and they may not be wrong. To make up for all of the neglected walks and few treats you give them, you could give your best friend a new squeaker toy and a brand new bag of treats. They will easily forgive and forget.

  1. Low budget for your furry friend

Your pooch will not judge you too harshly if you forget to get them a present. To make it up to them, take them on a long walk or to a near-by dog park.

The Parents

If you know what’s good for you, you may want to pencil your parents in to your Valentine’s Day budget.

For Mom

Moms are a very hard person to get gifts for. They say that they do not want anything. “I just want your love,” and while that may be true, do not just get her a signed piece of paper saying that you will remember to love her this year. Get her something small and useful. However, expired coupons will not cut it. Believe me, I tried it a few times. While it may be funny to laugh about at family parties, she will take it to heart.

  1. Good things come in small packages

Jewelry is always a big hit. Another bead for her charm bracelet is great, or a dainty little necklace to wear out to dinner is equally as fabulous! Get her a new pair of quality $10 sunglasses from Marshalls to pair with the new accent scarf you got for her and she is set for Hollywood.

  1. Will work for food

Make sure these coupons aren’t expired and give your mom the day off. Wash the dishes, fold the laundry, make the lunches, and clean the house for her. You know she needs the break and you owe her this at least.

For Dad

  1. Coming in clutch

I know that my dad is always running around last second to pull something together. To take some of the pressure off, you can give him a Lettuce Entertain You gift card so him and Mom can have a much needed date night.

  1. Low budget

My dad is a big reader. Always stowing away to read his book even when he is supposed to be working. If your dad is an avid reader, stop in at Anderson’s Bookstore in LaGrange and grab a book for him, or go to a second hand shop and grab a few!

No matter the gifts you give or get this year, remember that no relationship built upon material things will last. Have a good experience and if you get a box of chocolates out of it, then it’s a win in my book.