The Halls are alive with the sound of music

Ryan Chodora

As students clamber out of their 55 minute lectures, they have to endure various types of music for four minutes every passing period.

Due to the inflow of student and teacher requests, new music will now be played. Secretary Betty Sharp in the principal’s office explained the process of how the hallway music works. When a compact disc is delivered to the office, it must first be listened to make sure it lacks any vulgarities.

“Anything that goes onto that machine must be cleared by Mr. Passeralla,” she said.

Anyone can give a CD into the office, but they should make sure it’s clean. Sharp suggests attaching a sheet with the lyrics to all of the songs. When the disc is declared vulgarity free, it is taken to room 163 where a CD player is constantly playing. The CD player is constantly playing because once the bell goes off the speakers are turned on and the CD plays for exactly 4 minutes. This is why listeners may notice the same song always plays at a certain time; the disc is always on a loop.

Regarding the lack of musical variety, Sharp said “As soon as things calm down [we hope to have a lot more of it].”

Hopefully things will calm down fast.