Day of Service, four years strong

Just as many Seniors have matured in their four years at RB, so has the Day of Service. From its humble beginnings four years ago, when 130 students turned out, to now it’s fourth year where approximately  550 students showed up to give back. 

When the Day of Service started four years ago as a way to give back to the community, no one could have expected the growth and development it would go through. Almost doubling every year the Day of Service has gone from being new to being a staple of the RB year, from not just the students but from the community as well. 

“They come to expect it, and they are showing up to support it, either volunteer wise or financially,” said social studies teacher and Day of Service organizer Cara Gallagher. “Parent volunteers tripled. It’s a way of life now.” 

Students who participated in the day did a variety of activities. One that has, seen the most growth is the Senior Citizen Project. Students were driven to seniors homes where they then helped clean up in the homes. Students raked leaves, pulled weeds, and moved heavy objects like furniture. Some students even helped them with there computer problems. 

Reaction to the students has been overwhelmingly positive. RB administration got responses from the community that shows the feelings of community and their thoughts on RB giving back. Thought from the community were varied, but all commented on the work ethic of the students. 

The most telling response was from a senior who said, “[The students] were very pleasant and eager to please, they even asked if there was anything further. This is my 3rd year-God bless you all- I am beyond pleased.”

In addition to helping seniors, students made RB’s surrounding neighborhood a little more scenic by planting flowers, cleaning up the Riverside train stop, and also clearing the Zoo Woods. 

Students lead by science teacher David Monti went into the Zoo Woods and cleared the woods of buckthorn, an invasive species that chokes the natural plant life of resources.

“Basically 1/3 of the students, and staff population was present at the Day of Service,” said teacher Angela Ziola “ A lot of students didn’t come back for pizza, and a lot just showed up without signing up for a job before.” 

Gallagher added, “The day of Service is something I am excited for from start to finish. It is one of the best things RB does.