Bulldogs hope for upset in first round

David Maslowski, Web-Editor

October 29, 2009

With a victory under their belt from a 24-12 win against the Ridgewood rebels, the Bulldogs are going into the playoffs looking to strike again.  The Bulldogs started the season by packing into the buses and heading down to...

Day of Service, four years strong

October 23, 2009

Just as many Seniors have matured in their four years at RB, so has the Day of Service. From its humble beginnings four years ago, when 130 students turned out, to now it’s fourth year where approximately  550 students showed...

DESERVED: Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize

David Maslowski, Web Editor

October 13, 2009

When one thinks of the Nobel Peace Prize, what comes to mind? Someone who has done what exactly? What makes a noble prize winner worthy of the awards? To win the noble peace prize the award is given to the one person who has...

If you dream it, you can use it

David Maslowski, Web Editor

October 6, 2009

A long time ago some one could look at a game, and not know what to expect, long ago the thought of being a solder in World War Two was new, and fresh, where space pirates and Super soldiers were more a reach then an actuality....

Segway into the new year

David Maslowski, Web Editor

October 6, 2009

As of the start of the school year RB security has been using a Segway to patrol the halls, and make sure kids get to class on time. Many students have noticed that Segways have been roaming the halls of RB, and the student...

In the final stretch

David Maslowski, Web Editor

October 6, 2009

The culmination of four years of hard work and dedication is coming to an end. In as little as half a year the construction will be done, and over for all RB students, What started as a blueprint is now nearly complete as students...

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