Telethon skips a school year

Year after year, the annual RBEF Telethon proves itself to be a well-received and highly successful endeavor. Last year alone, the telethon raised over $27,000 in donations, money which went on to directly benefit the students of RB. In light of its past accomplishments, many were surprised to learn that there would be no telethon for the duration of the 09-10 school term.

The previous telethon took place in February of 2009, and because there cannot be two telethons in the same year, the next telethon will not take place until fall of 2010.

“I was more shocked than anything else,” remarked senior Bryan Smaller, “That was my initial reaction. After thinking about it more and more I realized that I wouldn’t be able to be there for the telethon next year. I wish I could have known beforehand that last year was going to be my last telethon. I never felt like I really had a last one.”

TV production student, Jackie Glosniak, mirrored Smaller in her disappointment. “I understand why they chose not to have it this year,” said Glosniak, “but I’m still upset that I won’t be able to be a part of the telethon as a senior. It would have been nice to have a ‘farewell’ telethon.”

The telethon not only gives television production students a chance to say goodbye to RBTV, but it also gives students of all kinds a chance to receive grants for a diverse range of extracurricular activities and programs.

All the money that is raised through the telethon is given back to the students of RB in the form of RBEF grants. Students who require extra funding for a specific program or workshop can fill out a grant application and receive payment to cover their expenses.
In this way, the telethon is a source for creating a plethora of opportunities and enriching experiences for high school students. Fortunately, an alternative method for raising money to cover the student grants is already in order.

Mailings will go out to previous telethon donors just before Thanksgiving asking them to pledge their support. Whether these efforts will raise a sum of money equal to what the telethon usually brings in is hard to say, but if all goes according to plan, money for the grants should be available this spring.

Although the telethon will undoubtedly be missed this year not only by those who actively participate in it, but by those who tune in and donate, television production teacher Gary Prokes maintains a positive outlook.

“I think that if the students have gotten to experience one telethon, anything else is really just a bonus,” commented Prokes, “The telethon is an enrichment activity and that they get to experience it at all is a great thing.”