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RB attends “A Night in Paris”

Prom, the final dance and main social culmination of the 2009-2010 school year, was held on Friday, May 21st. This year’s theme was “A Night in Paris” and even featured a sixteen foot tall mock Eifel Tower. Prom 2010 was held at the Carlisle Banquet Hall in Lombard.

Junior Allison Hornung, who helped plan Prom 2010, said, “It took a lot of work to plan the Prom, and we definitely came a long way from where we started. At the beginning we had no idea on what or how to plan, but it all ended up coming together.”

The dance was well attended, and four hundred and eighteen tickets were sold. The dance ran from seven in the evening until eleven. Upon arriving at the Carlisle, students were able to eat heavy appetizers and enjoy a chocolate fondue dessert table. The bar area was also open and making non-alcoholic drinks for students all night.

Junior Class Advisor Christal Hughes said, “My favorite part was watching everyone entering into the prom.  Everyone one looked great and you could see the excitement on their faces.”

Dancing began around eight and didn’t stop until the buses arrived to take kids home. Most students seemed to enjoy the music, and the dance floor was crowded. While there was an early bus that left around 10:30 P.M., many students chose to stick it out till the end and take the busses at 11 P.M.

Hornung said, “From the feedback I’ve received, everyone really liked the music and the food. The DJ played different music than the past two dances, and most people enjoyed the variety.”

Junior Class Advisor Kellie Dean said, “It was a highlight to see so many people staying and dancing to the very last song.  You could tell students were enjoying themselves because they wanted to stick around the whole time.

Prom King and Queen, who are voted on by the senior class, were also announced during the middle of the night. This year’s King was Senior Matt Kenahan, and this year’s Queen was Senior Kelly Sherman.

This year’s Prom, organized by the Junior Class, ran smoothly and was considered a success. Dean said, “I feel that it was very successful.  The students seemed to enjoy themselves; students, parents and teachers have made comments to me and Mrs. Hughes that they had a good time and everything ran smoothly.”

Hughes commented, “We worked really hard raising money for the past three years to cover a lot of the costs.  We were able to keep the tickets affordable so that there was not such a financial burden on any student that wanted to attend”

Upon leaving, every student was given an “A Night in Paris” picture frame and water bottle to be able to remember this special night.

Dean added, “The hardest part of putting on a prom is the fundraising. So support fundraisers for the class of ’11, ’12, ’13 etc to ensure successful proms for the next few years!”

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