Football about more than just the game

On Friday, August 27th, Shuey Stadium was packed full of fans not only to support the football team but also to see the Poms, Cheerleaders, and Marching Band.

The marching band performed before the game and at half time. Before the game they played the school fight song and at half time they played “You Are the Sunshine of My Life”, “I’ve Got You”, “I Feel Good’, and “Think”.

Junior band member Molly Chaney said, “It’s great to finally perform after all the practicing.” The marching band practiced for six hours, four days a week before school started.

Performing along with the band are the Poms. They have a routine to the school fight song, as well as a routine to perform at halftime without the band.  The Poms practice three times a week for two hours and have a new routine for every game.  “We are looking forward to our competition season coming up this winter,” said junior team member Kara Kruse.

True to their names the cheerleaders led the crowd the entire game.  At half time they performed a routine learned just a day in advance. “We learn a new routine every Thursday before a game,” junior cheerleader Rachel Konopacz said.  The cheerleaders are also looking forward to their competition season this winter. The squad is led by their captains Kristi Cassano and Maeve Clohrety.