Homecoming Review: RB really does go Gaga

On Saturday, September 18th students funneled into the gymnasium to attend the “RBHS GOES GA GA!” homecoming dance. Couples, lone dancers, wall flowers, and groups of friends all came out to and enjoy the night for all it was worth.

The theme for the dance was voted on last year by the 2010 seniors. The theme largely came out of an episode from the popular T.V. series Glee. “We got the name from an episode from the show” said Student Association Sponsor, Mrs. Ziola, “We even got the Ga Ga part from it. We also got wanted to have the theme “RB Goes Ga Ga” because Lady Ga Ga is such a popular artist.

The decorations were very colorful. In typical RB fashion, lights of all colors flew around the room, and strobe lights constantly flickered.  The posters either visually represented or named two songs of the pop artist for whom the dance was named–Alejandro and Paparazzi.

The music selection consisted mainly of pop music (Lady Ga Ga songs included) and blended together. There were no exceptionally memorable songs, but they served their purpose for the night.

One thing that sure is to be remembered is the false fire alarm that happened around 9:00 o’ clock. Set off by the smoke machines, students were forced to stand out in the rain as firemen inspected the school for any signs of real danger.

Ultimately the night went off without any night ruining problems, and ended being a fairly successful night.

If you have ideas for future dances, or just want to vote on a theme, go to the Student Association Meetings that are held on Wednesdays.