Awarding grants since 1987: The Education Foundation

Since 1987, The Education Foundation has given students at RBHS opportunities to experience further education through trips to various places. Many students wouldn’t be able to attend these trips with out the financial help from the foundation. It’s also a non-profit organization that is independent from the rest of the school district.

In 1989 RB began to hold an annual telethon to help raise money for the organization. This year the Telethon raised over 23,000 dollars from local sponsors and people from the community. Students that received grants from the foundation the year before were asked to either volunteer on the telethon or to speak about their experiences on their trip and why the grant given to them was so important.

“If it wasn’t for the grant I received last year to go to Boundary Waters I wouldn’t have been able to go.” Says Sophomore Candice Shelbrack. “Because of the grant I was able to pay for extra necessities needed or the trip.”

Both staff and students are able to apply for grants in spring by answering questions to why they should receive one. The foundation then meets together and decides who should receive the money and how much. Then the money is sent out to the students and staff.

The foundation has awarded students grants to go to many places such as summer camps, workshops and even conferences that are sponsored by an RB teacher. For 23 years the foundation has given students extra learning opportunities through the grants they offer.