Senior Chris James shows off “Golden Voice”

Fitz Robling, Staff Reporter

Starting last year the administration has allowed students to turn in CD’s with their favorite songs to be played in the hallways during passing periods.  Up until this week, all the songs that were played were sung by professionals, but not this week.  After hearing the bell ring to end first period, on Monday and Tuesday, students and teachers heard senior Chris James’ raw baritone vocals over the speaker system instead of the usual refined voices.  James and his friends recorded a CD of him singing songs such as “Take on Me” byA-ha,” Hero” by Enrique Iglesias and others, before Christmas break, and turned it in the week of Finals.

After weeks of heckling the administration about his CD, it was finally played on Monday and Tuesday. Although the quality was bad and the volume was low, if you listened hard enough you could hear it.

“I wanted show of my beautiful voice in a way that the whole school could hear it’” said James.  When asked what his favorite songs were, he said, “I personally like ‘Night Moves’ and ‘The Time of My Life’”.

The response to this unusual music was mixed.

 “Let me put it this way, if I was on a judge on American Idol I would tell him that he’s going to Hollywood,” said Physics teacher Josh Bozeday

Sophomore Cami Shaw however said she hates the music and wants it to be turned off as soon as possible.  “He should get some backup singers who can actually sing to drown out his voice,” said Shaw when asked if she had any tips for James.

Many upper classman were seen laughing while the music was being played, while the underclassman were confused about who was singing. Overall the response to this music was positive and everyone liked the change that it brought to the five minutes between classes.

When asked if he would pursue a career in singing, James said, “Yes, because Bob Seger has inspired me”.