Hallway music – awesome or annoying?

I’m sure many have noticed the recent hallway music choices, which are interesting to say the least. They have ranged from Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros to Hilary Duff to the Mulan soundtrack in different languages. There’s a huge variety of music being played, but is that really a good thing? Maybe it would be if the songs weren’t played over and over again.

Student Association (SA) has been collecting CDs to play between classes from anyone that wants to turn one in. Along with the CD, there must be lyrics to every song so SA can judge whether or not the music is school appropriate. They have gotten eight CDs so far, and one is played each week.

If there are so many CDs, then why do the songs get repeated so often? Senior president Allison Hornug said, “Mrs. Sharp just puts the CD on shuffle, so that’s why [the songs] get repeated.”

What I don’t understand is how shuffle could make the same song play that many times. Assuming that each CD has around ten songs, a song has a one in ten chance that it will be played, and there are seven periods in a day. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t think the odds of the same song coming on shuffle during every passing period are very high.

During spirit week when Lady GaGa was the hallway music of choice, junior Elena Duve brought in a CD with thirteen GaGa songs on it, although only about four or five were played.

I think an easy solution to that problem is to just play the CD straight through, and just pause it at the end of each passing period. They could also not just play one CD a week, but switch it every couple days so it at least doesn’t seem like we’re hearing the same thing again and again.

I don’t blame SA for the music choice, since other students are turning in CDs, but after awhile it does get painful to listen to. We need some music that doesn’t include chipmunk voices, and the only way to do that is bring in more CDs!