LETTER TO THE EDITOR: A rebuttal by Kristin Tomecek

Kristin Tomecek, Letter to the Editor


Cameron Kritikos’ comments against me were inaccurate, hurtful and unwarranted (“Don’t let stunt speeches sink the impact of SA”), and I feel I must respond to his allegations concerning my speech for secretary of the Student Association Executive Board.

There were several misstatements. Kritikos gave people the false impression that my speech would sink S.A.—an institution I hold in high esteem, and , really, how could good old fashioned school
spirit and can-do attitude ruin this organization? He was inaccurate when he said “probably like most
of you, I left there a little confused.” Maybe he was confused, but I witnessed a very energized, spirited
student body and had a lot of people I didn’t even know come up to me to say they liked my speech
—clearly, most of the people in attendance were NOT confused. He mischaracterized my speech as
a mere “stunt” and called it a “mockery.” He insinuated that my well-thought out speech (which was
reviewed and approved by the S.A. moderator) was nothing more than an American Idol show entry.
Furthermore, and continuing this American Idol image, he wrongly stated that I sang the Titanic theme song when in fact I sang about my love for RB to the tune of the song—that’s a huge difference and depicts a different reality than what actually occurred.

I felt hurt by these misstatements and mischaracterizations of me and my speech, and I fear that my image and reputation were also hurt. Halfway through Kritikos’ piece he says “I am not angry at Kristin Tomecek, I am angry at the student body.” If this were really the essence of his piece, then
why does the headline and the first half of the article directly name me (several times) and describe my specific speech with disparaging remarks? With the inflammatory words and phrases against me, I feel the article violates RB’s pillars of caring, fairness and respect. As we all know, sometimes words can hurt.

Kritikos insinuated that I was pulling a “stunt” and “theatrics” to gain votes. I hold Student
Association and the executive board in the highest regard and I am offended and incredulous that
Kritikos questioned my sincerity as a candidate. I have tried my hardest to channel all of the spirit and
dedication I can muster into S.A. during my two years as freshman vice president and class officer. I
have spent much of my time working hard selling RB bracelets and pompoms in the rain at football
games, waking up early on Saturday mornings to sell RB t-shirts, overseeing bake sales, attending early morning meetings twice a week, painting murals, attending RB evening board meetings, helping with the Adopt-a-Family program, and fulfilling countless other responsibilities.

I am appalled that my attempt to revitalize and invigorate the student body was misconstrued
as “mockery.” He failed to grasp the point of my speech with its closing conclusion. My intention was
to “show” not “tell” my ability to “think outside of the box” and take risks as well as the qualities of
creativity, enthusiasm, and school spirit—the traits I feel that are needed to handle the responsibilities of being successful on the exec board.

Kritikos indicated that I was irrelevantly “breaking into song” to create some sort of distraction.
My main aim that he seemed to miss, but many others present that day obviously grasped, was that I
care about RB. I made a promise to be a dedicated Secretary, and I would NEVER LET GO of that promise, much like Rose from The Titanic.

Every day at school I work hard and I listen
Still my love for RB will go on…
I promise to fulfill my responsibilities
And be an awesome secretary
Oh my love for RB will go on
Blue, white
With all of my might
I believe in RB
And my love will go on and on…

Kristin Tomecek

SPONSOR’S NOTE:  Clarion would like to correct Cameron Kritikos’ original statement in his column that Kristin Tomecek sang the lyrics to “My Heart Will Go On” during her SA speech.  While using the melody of the song, Kristin sang her own original lyrics, as printed above.