THE RED LINE: two steps forward; one step back


Scott Strazzante

Rose limps off of the court after a hamstring injury. What is his timeline? Also why have the Bulls still been shooting badly? Welcome to THE RED LINE

Jeremy Baartman, Staff Reporter

Two straight wins have gotten the Bulls back up to .500. Obviously the Bulls had to beat the Jazz– there was no way around that. There is too much raw talent on the team to not lose.

Versus the Cavs, though, that was impressive. Something started to click. People who were hot covered those who weren’t and the defense on Kyrie Irving was absolutly incredible. Double teams and clogging the lane basically eliminated the Derrick Rose look-a-like’s game.  Still, Jimmy Butler and Luol Deng struggled shooting wise. A couple percentage points difference, but nothing major. Which is obviously still a struggling point. I dont know why they are shooting that badly; it doesn’t make sense to me. We have three players on the bench brought here to shoot and I have not seen them play a lick. Dunleavy again needs to be five feet open on every side to even have a chance on making a shot. If Thibs is not going to play Tony snell and Marquis Teague, then Deng needs to step up on both ends, and Butler on the Defensive end.

Derrick Rose still managed 16 points and seven assists. He looked comfortable, except for the fact of another injury. He sprained his hamstring. Now, I had a torn hamstring last year during the football season. I was out for five weeks. A sprain is considerably less serious than that. I would agree with Rose that he would come back Friday versus the Raptors. Little injuries like this happen all the time to stars. It is part of the game and we shouldn’t worry about it.

Overall, they look much better then the beginning of the season. I think they are starting to click and I think that when the shooting gets elevated a bit, you will start to see the team hyped in the pre-season.