Jeremy Baartman

Jeremy Baartman, staff reporter

Jeremy Baartman is a pokemon master from the Kanto region. One day when he was out training with his faithful pokemon Charizard. He was shocked when Charizard suddenly started giving him orders and threw a pokeball at him and captured Jeremy. When Jeremy woke up he found himself at a place called Riverside Brookfield H.S. Ahe he joined something called clarion.(thinking it was somehow a legendary pokemon)!

He also is a very skilled swimmer and tennis player. He plays four instruments (guitar, drums, piano, bass clarinet). He loves everything to do with professional sports. Espically the Chicago Bulls. Which you can read in his blog, THE RED LINE.

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March Madness has come upon us once again! Who will win, and who will be this years Cinderella story?

Cinderellas to champions

Jeremy Baartman, Staff Reporter
March 19, 2014
The Bulls and Heat clashed again with the Bulls on top. Does rhis solidify Joakim Noah as the MVP? Welcome to THE RED LINE

The Red Line: The Real MVP

Jeremy Baartman, Staff Reporter
March 14, 2014
Without long-time small forward Luol Deng, what will the Bulls look like moving forward?

The Red Line: Well, then…

Jeremy Baartman, Staff Reporter
January 13, 2014
Hazing involves more than just a single actor.  it involves a community or a team.  Does it happen here at RB?

Where’s the line on hazing?

Jeremy Baartman, Staff Reporter
November 22, 2013
In this last edition of THE RED LINE. Jeremy Baartman weighs the off-season valune of Carmelo Anthony, and all the options that come with

THE RED LINE: Everybody calm down!

Jeremy Baartman, Staff Reporter
October 16, 2013
Derrick Rose is back! But how did he do in the game? And what did Rose think on the time that he played? WELCOME TO THE RED LINE

The Red Line: He’s Back!

Jeremy Baartman, Staff Reporter
October 9, 2013
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Jeremy Baartman