The Red Line: Playoffs………Playoffs?!?

Taj and Joakims defense will be key to winning games in the playoffs. But how will the other teams look versus the Bulls. Welcome to THE RED LINE!

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Taj and Joakim’s defense will be key to winning games in the playoffs. But how will the other teams look versus the Bulls. Welcome to THE RED LINE!

Jeremy Baartman, Staff Reporter

It’s the playoffs again! The final stretch, where the stars collide. But which stars will collide with the Bulls. In the first round not many, John Wall is about the only thing close to a star the Washington Wizards have. While Indiana has more “Stars” they are evenly matched with the Bulls. So, this last loss to the bobcats was actually a good thing. (I can’t believe I actually just said that). It gave us a prime playoffs position. Also the ability to get back to the conference finals and face the Heat for a shot at the championship. Let’s take a look at all the teams the Bulls could possibly face in the entirity. For use of this, let’s assume the Bulls make it to the Finals. Every team that I predict they will face will be on here. So without further a do lets go!

Washington wizards:

Don’t underestimate this team. Yes they haven’t been a legitiment factor in the Playoffs since Gilbert Arenas was the main star of that team. But they lead the season series with the Bulls 2-1. Also they have a stud point guard in John wall who is instant offense, something the Bulls lack. They also have a halfway decent frontcourt with Marcin gortat and Al Harrington matching up with Joakim and Taj down low. So this will be a challenge for the Bulls. Defiitly not a walk in the park. Still they are inexperienced, they are a young bunch still learning how to play together. The Bulls may have a little trouble on the wizards homecourt but honestly not much more then that. The one X-factor throughout this series will be Nene. He is an older more injured version of Joakim Noah. he is flexible and has a hot hand of a perimeter jump shot that is nearly impossible to guard. If the Bulls can find the right matchup for him, as well as keep consistent offense. They will get through this series with minimal damage.

Series prediction: Bulls over Wizards 4-1

Indiana Pacers:

This will be one of if not the toughest series the Bulls will have this side of te Mississippi. Player for Players, style for style, they match up evenly with the Bulls. Two major factors will inhibit them, the absence of Danny Granger, and the fact that the Pacers have lost the last 8 out of 12 games. They very nearly collapsed at the end of the season. Versus a Bulls team that plays with more passion then ANY other team in the league. That matchup will eventually wear them out. Never the less them wearing out only means the Bulls will have an equal chance to pull out the series. If Roy Hibbert comes out small, Joakim Noah Dominates the lane, and D.J. can make sure we facilitate enough consistant offense. Then the Bulls definitly can pull this off.

Series Prediction: Bulls 4-3

Miami Heat: This is what we have been waiting for. A chance to knock off the reigning champs. To avenge the last to palyoffs when we were knocked out by them. Once in the second round and once in the conference finals. Even more broken down then the last two, yet just as good if not better. We don’t even have to worry about the Lebron James mismatch. Switch Noah and Butler around on him and he will be taken care of. The Key to this series was eloquently stated a couple weeks ago by ESPN First take’s and basketball insider Stephen A. Smith. “Without Dwane Wade playing fully healthy, the Heat will NOT make it back to the NBA finals”. Dwane Wade will be back by this time. There’s no doubt about that. But will he be healthy? Fully heatlthy enough to make a significant impact, enough to pull away from this Bulls team who absolutly HATES the Heat, and will do everythign in their power to make sure that the Heat are stopped in their tracks. I don’t think the Heat can pull it off.

Series prediction: Bulls 4-3

That is just the Eastern conference. The West is insanity this year. There are multiple teams that could make it into the finals from the left side of the bracket. There is even a shot all the way down for the Grizzlies and the Mavericks. Either way the point is this years playoffsa re going to be absolutely incredibly! Just watch and see!