Dress Code: How Much is Too Much?


Do you think this shirt is distracting because it’s showing my stomach?

Joanna Vera, Staff Reporter

The dress code is always an issue at RB especially during the summer, girls like to wear crop tops, spaghetti straps and clothing that prevents them from sweating immensely when they’re trying to learn.

Let these girls express themselves with the clothes that they wear, or feel confident in how they are seen, not caring about what others think or worry about being called out in class for seeing too much skin.

Recently students have been dress coded for wearing crop tops that barely show their stomachs, also for wearing straps under 2 inches in width. It does state in the student handbook under dress code that, “a minimum of two inch straps are required on all sleeveless clothing items.” What is wrong with having spaghetti straps? There is no impact on anyone for wearing straps less than two inches.

When girls are told that they can not wear certain clothing items, they may take it the wrong way. It can lead to thinking that their body is disgusting, that their body image is seen very different from what they think it looks like, thinking that they look disgusting when that is not the issue at all.

Some girls are so brave that they will wear crop tops and short shorts when other people are talking about how bigger girls should not be wearing clothes like that. But they do it anyway, they push those comments aside and dress the way people tell them not to, only to get shut down again by their school.

It does not matter how short their shorts are or how you can see their stomachs. If they feel confident enough to wear clothes like that, they should be proud to do so. Nothing about bra straps, stomachs, or thighs are distracting to anyone else unless you point it out in front of the whole class.