Open Sesame: Vending machines should be open during school hours


Joanna Vera, Staff Reporter

During school hours, the vending machines are closed but are open before and after school hours. Security guards and some teachers are able to open it and grab a quick snack then lock the gates again.

Students are confused as to why they are closed during school hours.

“I don’t think its a distraction at all. Even so, if someone were to go during a bathroom break, they are putting money into the school anyway,” said sophomore Kaitlyn Hilt.

If some students were to go to the vending machines during classes, it wouldn’t take them long. Some students don’t have time to make lunches, or are late in the mornings and not being able to go the lunch room to get a breakfast. Students go to the vending machines for food.

“It would be nice to buy water or drinks when the lunchroom isn’t open,” said senior Lily Dziagwa.

Most of the teachers and staff think the students will take advantage of that time going to the vending machines just to get away from their class.

“They said people would just leave class and wouldn’t be learning, and I don’t think that’s the case,” said senior Ja’moni Wise.

I understand why most of the teachers would have that theory. Some of the students would do that. However, there is a bigger ratio of students who would not take advantage of that time and just grab their snacks and go back to their class.

I think if the vending machines were to be open at times other than beginning and after school, it should be during lunch periods. Students could go get some food from the vending machines when they don’t have enough money for the lunches in the cafeteria.