Do’s and Don’ts: Freshman Edition

Catherine Jasionowski, Staff Reporter

Most freshmen are worried about their first year of high school. They wonder how they’re going to get to school on time, or how to get from class to class in only 5 minutes.  Having someone tell you how to do things would have saved many long nights of studying and stress. These are things that most people find out the hard way. This list of do’s and don’ts should help guide you through your first year in high school.


Listen to the teacher on what they want you to do.

Your homework every day. Even if you don’t want to, in the long run it will help you with your grades and getting ready for finals.

Make sure you get enough sleep at night. Making sure you sleep enough will keep you more attentive during class, which will make your teacher happy.

Have school spirit! Having spirit will make school a better place. Even though we don’t always win, having people who believe in us means a lot.

Ask for help.   No one expects you to understand everything. Teachers, Counselors, and other students are always available for you to talk to them.

Get involved! There are so many different activities at RB. There’s definitely something out there for everyone.

be brave enough to start a relationship with someone you like. It could be fun if you know how to separate them from school.

Make the best of your high school career. Go to dances, and hang out with friends! Just enjoy your teenage years because you only get them once.

Step out of your comfort zone! These are the years when you get to find out who you really are.

Stand up for what you believe in. Never let other people’s opinion stop you from having your own.


Procrastinate! If you know about a test or project way before hand. Start preparing for it then. Your work will be better than if you did it the night before.

Standin the middle of the hall.  It doesn’t only make yourself late, but it can also make other people late who are trying to go around you.

Talk badly about other students. You may not think it’s hurting them, when in reality it could have hurt that person very much.

Cave in to peer pressure. Putting alcohol and drugs into your body will only make your life span shorter.

Freak out over the small things. Nothing is as bad as it seems.

Worry about whether or not you’re going to fit in. You’ll eventually find a group of friends that will accept you for you.

Getting involved with a significant other could distract you from you school work.

Don’t start to get senioritis as a freshman. Save that for your senior year.

Skip class.  When you come back you will be behind and it’s never fun trying to catch up.

Let what other people say or do get you down. Just brush it off and move on.

Follow these guide lines and your freshmen year should go by with very little problems. Everyone has been a freshman at some point, or is going to be a freshmen. We are here to help your first year of high school go by as easy as possible. Take this as our welcome to you. RB is glad that the class of 2017 is here, now it’s time to make this year fantastic!