Miendl takes regionals

Unfortunately, in the busy world of athletics at Riverside-Brookfield High School, the name Matt Miendl is one most commonly associated with the varsity basketball team’s bench. This is where the senior had spent his winter season. Waiting for those few precious moments when he would win the crowd over with his incredible acts of athleticism, but unless you were able to catch a golf meet this year, you have yet to seen half of his ability.

Miendl has been able to show off his talents at the surrounding golf courses, and just recently was able to capture the regional championship, shoot an impressive seventy-two.

He began golfing at the age of nine, when his father would take him to their country club and teach him the basics. Since then he’s always had a special place in his heart for the game, but it wasn’t un till just two years ago when Miendl began to take golf seriously and signed up for private lessons at Oak Brook.  Which he claims to be a huge part of his success.

“The lessons were a big help, I credit a lot of my success to him.” explained Miendl. “My game truly elevated to another level after that”, but according to Miendl there seemed to be one more component to his success.

Larry Rocco.

Rocco has been the head coach for all four of Miendl’s years and was no doubt a favorite topic.

“Rocco, what can I say, one of the greatest and funniest men you’ll meet in your life. He’ll live forever, he’s just got it,” Meindl said.

For Miendl, next year won’t include coach Rocco, as he still is currently looking for a new coach to play for at the collegiate level.

“Illinois Weslyan is a really good school and I’m interested, but for now so much it’s up for grabs.”