Girls gymnastics face new challenges

Joe Sauer, Opinion Manager

The girls’ gymnastics team is off to quite a different start this year. The team is facing some serious new changes. They have lost a lot of last years girls and they have a new coach, Jaclyn Messerges.

“The girls are fantastic and get along during practice,” says Messerges, the new coach “We have a small team since we lost a lot of girls but its still fun.”

Messerges herself has been a coach for 6 years and has been involved in gymnastics for 15 years. She participated in gymnastics all through college and at a division one school. This is her first year coaching here at RB though.

When asked if this years team had a chance of going to state Messerges said “I don’t know if we have a chance for state since we have such a small team.”

Although the team is small in size, their hopes of having both a successful and enjoyable year loom large.

“I’m looking forward to having a great season” says gymnast Kristen Santoro.