Student Moira Ford shows off her jersey.

Adding on a bit extra

November 16, 2016

Gymnastics: new coach, new season, new team

Kelly Kramer, staff reporter and Kelly Kramer, staff reporter

November 30, 2010

Girls’ gymnastics has started again, with many new members and a new coach. Tom Sisulak is the new head coach for gymnastics, along with assistant coach Carrie Kozak. “There’s a lot of new girls that have to start f...

Girls gymnastics face new challenges

Joe Sauer, Opinion Manager

December 23, 2009

The girls’ gymnastics team is off to quite a different start this year. The team is facing some serious new changes. They have lost a lot of last years girls and they have a new coach, Jaclyn Messerges. “The girls are fantas...

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