Canada beaten at their own game

The most hyped game of the Olympic hockey season ends in an upset for Canada with USA winning 5-3. This time the game was not for a medal, but for pride and respect for the US team. This win was the first win over Canada for the US since 50 years ago. With a bunch of players who are new to the Olympics on the US team, the win brought back memories of the Miracle on Ice, when an amateur US team took the gold away from Soviet Union.   

The game started fast with Brian Rafalski scoring a goal in the first forty seconds of the game. This was returned by a goal from Canada and then another goal by Rafalski, his second of the night.

In the second period Canada scored again to tie it up, but then the U.S. slipped ahead with another goal to end the second period 3-2.

With tensions high, U.S. scores again in the third taking the lead by two with 4-2. Canada then tried to make a comeback with another goal leaving it at 4-3. Then with only forty-five seconds left in the game the US cemented their lead with an open net goal from Ryan Kesler on Canada.

The US team will now advance into the quarterfinals top seeded. Their next game will be on Wednesday against Sweden. This year may just be another miracle on ice for the US hockey team.