Verdict: Summer Olympics still better

Charlie Morrissey, News Manager

March 9, 2010

With the conclusion of the Winter Olympics, it is kind of sad that the nonstop action has finally come to an end. No longer can I turn on NBC and know that there is going to be some sort of winter contest on. One question that...

Canada beaten at their own game

Joe Sauer, Opinion Manager

March 1, 2010

The most hyped game of the Olympic hockey season ends in an upset for Canada with USA winning 5-3. This time the game was not for a medal, but for pride and respect for the US team. This win was the first win over Canada for the...

Sports worthy of the Olympic dream?

Joe Sauer, Opinion Editor

October 16, 2009

As you may have heard, golf and rugby were recently introduced to be apart of the 2016 summer Olympics in Rio de Jeneiro. But what sports should be included in the Olympics but are not? I have come up with a few good ideas that...

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