Gymnastics: new coach, new season, new team

Girls’ gymnastics has started again, with many new members and a new coach. Tom Sisulak is the new head coach for gymnastics, along with assistant coach Carrie Kozak.

“There’s a lot of new girls that have to start from scratch. It’s mostly just a learning experience,” said senior gymnast Kaitlynn Markowski.

“We’ve had a different coach each year. They all have their own techniques and ways of coaching,” said junior gymnast Kristen Santoro.

Sisulak starts off practice every day with a handshake to every girl on the team.

“He wants the team to be strong and bonded this year. He’s a very old school coach, and he likes to start with the basics,” said Markowski.

The varsity season looks promising this year, with their first meet coming up on November 29th.

“Everyone has improved a lot since last year. The team is looking good so far,” said junior gymnast Ariel Moon. “There is a lot of positive support and one-on-one work with the coaches,” she said.

“I’m looking forward to adding on and building off of last year. We always have a lot of fun,” said Santoro.