Varsity Soccer: “Always Smile.”


Ethan Gallegos, Layout Manager

Girls Varsity soccer season is over with a regular season record of 3-13-1. Although they did not have much success in the regular season, they pushed hard to get past the first round of the playoffs against Little Village, winning 7-0. They moved on and lost in the regional final to Glenbard South 3-1, ending their playoff run.

Their games may have stopped but the players still found a common bond. Senior Karen Lopez said, “This is one of the most tightly knit teams I have ever been on. We have always stuck together and I am very glad to have been a part of the team for the past four years. I know this program will continue to succeed and carry on its legacy.”

Freshman Lia Sanchez said, “This was one of the most unforgettable experiences for me. This team, for me, is the one that’s been most close to me. I bonded so well with them. Always smiles.”           

With the varisty girls soccer being such a young team, only starting nine years ago, it will be hard losing their head coach. Marisa Dobbertin has been head coach for three years and was the assistant coach five years before that.

Dobbertin said, “I am so proud of what our program has accomplished this season! All three levels have so much to be proud of! Our success is not measured in wins and losses but rather in how we grew as a team and as individuals. I could write a novel on how each player progressed throughout the season and the difference they made! I am pumped to see how the varsity team does in 2012. We found our strengths as a team and hit our stride in the second half, and if they put in the work during the off season they will be a force to be reckoned with! Our team theme has carried us through the year. I am heartbroken over the thought of not leading this program next year after eight seasons with RB varsity soccer.  But there is no way that I’ll ever completely detach from this program! I’ll just enjoy watching, what I helped to get started, from the stands with three very cute Bulldog mascots.”

Dobbertin isn’t the only one leaving. Seniors Lopez, Brittany Kozlowski, Eva Perez , Haley St. Paul, and Emily Waas will all be saying goodbye to this program as well.

Sophomore Hannah Claywell said, “This season was amazing. Dobs taught me so much and I felt like we grew a lot as a team throughout the season. We will all miss the seniors and Dobbs so much next year! This was one of the closest teams I’ve ever been on; an unforgettable experience.”