Nine swimmers paddling to sectionals

The girls swimming team poses for a team picture at the start of their season.

Jimmy Nolter

The girls swimming team poses for a team picture at the start of their season.

Jimmy Nolter, Sport's Editor

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The girl’s swimming team has been very successful this season with nine girls going to Sectionals next weekend.  Significantly, not only did most of the varsity team make it to Sectionals, but the majority of them are juniors.  As current seniors like Nicole Capone and Mia Avina graduate, the juniors look ease the transition to next year’s team.

Senior swimmer Athena Canoy said, “The juniors will do fine leading the team next seasons.  They’re already used to being at that level.”

Though nine Bulldogs are heading to sectionals, Senior Lucia Adami predicts only one or two will make it to State this year.  Last year, only Sydney Veon (’14) made it to State from the team.

Even if the girls don’t make it to State this season, the Juniors will take valuable experience from this opportunity and be able to use it next year not only as motivation, but as an edge because they will know what is expected at that level.  Even some of the underclassmen, like Freshmen Jacqueline Servin, recognize the potential for growth over the off season that will lead to future success.

“It’s a hard sport but everyone is in together,” she said.

Only time will tell of the success of the Bulldogs next weekend and next season.

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Jimmy Nolter, Staff Reporter
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Jimmy is currently a Senior at RB, and participates only in Clarion.  Jimmy played football Freshmen and Sophomore year, but decided to run cross country last year.  He used to wrestle for RB.  There aren’t too many activities or clubs here at RB that draw Jimmy’s attention.  Mostly he bides his time studying and doing homework for all of his AP classes.

Jimmy does other things than sports though, he plays sumptuous games such as Metro: Last Light, Deadpool, Halo: Reach, and other well known and not so well known games.  Aside from playing video games Jimmy also enjoys anime such as Angel Beats, Desert Punk, Tri-gun, and Gun Grave to pass the time.  Other than enjoying the virtual world Jimmy does embrace reality with his friends by pranking each other.

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Nine swimmers paddling to sectionals