Aryan Hernandez

Aryan Hernandez, News Editor

Basically British royalty. Netflix for life, don’t come for him. Employee of the month, getting that bag. Will talk about India. Still getting that bag. The grind don’t stop. Roblox player 24/7, food eater 25/8. Now editor of all things news. Don’t come for him. Will bust a jiggy when necessary. Do NOT come for him. Stranger Things isn’t strange when compared to him. Might get your wig snatched. DO NOT COME FOR HIM…unless you have a bible and a glass of fermented grapes ready (if you know what I mean) ?.  Winning at not losing, losing at not winning. Don’t give him the aux, you might be blown away. (Doesn’t know how to glass blow). Annoyed by Quinn Hendricks, still surviving. Hallmark is better than Netflix. Don’t come for Netflix, though, it’s the best. (Not better than Hallmark, though ???). Willing to trade younger brother for Quinn’s younger brother, Kai. Yoga in the morning, party at night (if praising Jesus is a party ?????). Hates apples but will use them to defend himself from a doctor. Remember that grind? It still hasn’t stopped. Still thinking about coming at him? Don’t. Contact him at [email protected]

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Aryan Hernandez