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Henry Pecis, Staff Reporter

The best way to describe Henry Pecis is by looking into a song and doing the best to relate it to his life. Mainly by looking at the song “Girls” by the beastie boys. He feels that this song has a deep and underlying meaning to the whole thing. So he'll start with the lyrics, “girls… all I really want is girls.” It’s safe to say that Mr. Beastie boy was possibly looking into a romantic interest with a girl. And frankly Henry thinks many people including himself can relate to this venture. The desire to find love in a partner, someone who cares about you and values you. And as he goes on he talks about his interest in a specific woman. He goes into the superficial details about her at first, but then he speaks of the experiences they share together. This can represent how people don’t usually start with an attraction to someone because of their deep and complicated personality. But most likely because they look at them and think “yeah I kind of like them”. As superficial as this is he feels that everyone somewhat has done this in some shape or form.  Henry is no different, but as the song goes on and as a pursuit of someone goes on, you will begin to develop a real relationship with this person and begin to feel a connection. But then the singer makes a mistake that one should not make in asking someone out. Overlooking the fact the person of interest has no interest in your gender in general. For the singer this would his interest being gay. Henry hopes that one can learn from this song and understand at least a little on how to and not to go about pursuing romance.

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John Fields and his band at a concert. Photo courtesy of John Fields.

Local band dive in

Henry Pecis, Staff Reporter
October 17, 2022
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Henry Pecis