Students not the only ones receiving awards

Though first quarter has not ended, several teachers this year have already been recognized for their work and achievements in the school and community. These teachers include Kirstin Bacon, Brigit Wilmot, Suzanne Bartelson, and Patty Sarkady.

Last summer, Bacon and Wilmot made an extraordinary contribution to the Ronald McDonald House charity when they donated student created children’s anthologies to hospitals. During last year, Bacon taught an English class in which her students developed into a project to write children’s anthologies along with short videos for the RMHC.  However, they couldn’t have done it without the help of other staff members including: Jon Grice and his students who illustrated for the anthologies, Gary Prokes who edited and added music for the videos, while Wilmot and her students were the one who help write the stories with her creative writing class. Later their efforts were recognized by the charity group. Her contribution ultimately supported the RMHC hospitality for children and their families.

When she was asked how this experience has been for her, she said “This is to help the students with their writing as well as give the students motivation and workings with the kids are fun.”  

Ultimately, these dedicated staff and students donated over 50 anthologies and videos to RMHC hospitals and they were featured in the local newspaper.

Fine arts teacher, Bartelson’s art was featured in an exhibit. Ever since she graduated from art school, her passion had pursued her to fulfill her dreams. Her dream was to escalate her talents to “Master of Fine Arts.” Her master piece “Pastmatters?” is a piece that she created is actually an “art installation”; which means that she takes an empty space and transforms the space into artwork. Within the transformation, she also integrated media.  She believes that every art piece created has a history and narrates her life. Whether her art resembles family and friends, it is mostly autobiographical. Suzanne Bartelson’s art can be found on

During the last few years, Patty Sarkady has committed herself to the organization and effectiveness of Career Day. As the years passed, her success gained recognition as this year she was asked by many other schools to present and organize a successful Career Day. This January, she will be presenting a career conference at the Center on Education and work at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Their achievements range from art to children’s anthologies to the organization of a Career Day.  All of them have completed a lot of hard work to make our school and community a better place.